Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream

Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream

Teams: Titans vs City Chiefs

Time: 8:30 PM ET

Date: Thursday on 31 August 2017

Location: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City


Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream

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As an American football team, the Tennessee Titans enhanced the career based in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to the previous records, we can see that the Titans has won totally 401 games in the NFL history. On the other hand, they have also lost 429 games in the past regular seasons.

By this time, the Tennessee Titans have won 2 Championship trophies over the professional football career. At the same time, the Side has also gained 14 Playoff trophies through the various regular seasons.

Overall, the Team has become 1 time Conference Championship team and 9 Divisional Championship trophies in the professional football career overall.

The Kansas City Chiefs is a very famous professional team in the United States. The overall records of the Kansas City Chiefs in a regular season of the professional games are 447-409-12.

NFL GamepassIn the NFL history, the Playoff records of the Chiefs are 9-25 until 2015 season.  The Lineup has also won League Championships trophy more than 2 times in their NFL history.

The Club has also achieved 1 time Super Bowl Championship trophy at all. It has also gained 9 times Divisional Championships trophy in the professional football career.

In the NFL games, the Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs have met 51 times. Among them, the Tennessee Titans have won 22 times and Kansas City Chiefs have gained 29 games at all.

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