The Career of the New England Patriots in NFL 2016 season

The NFL 2016 season was the 47th season of the New England Patriots in the National Football League. But overall it was 57th and especially 17th under the chief coach Bill Belichick.

Under the supervision of Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots passed a suitable time in the NFL 2016 season. As a result, the team has drawn a 14-2 result at the same time.

Through a competitive performance, the New England Patriots stood first in the AFC East division. Whereas the Patriots have won Divisional Playoffs game through 34-16 points.

On the other hand, the New England Patriots have won AFC Championship against Pittsburgh Steelers jump to 36-17 points. Besides this, the team has also overcome Super Bowl Li by 34-28 results.

If we go back to the NFL Preseason 2016, the New England Patriots, we can see the outstanding performance at all. By this time, the Patriots have won 3 times and lost only one time over the NFL 2016 season. The team has also lost 1 game against New York Giants in the NFL 2016 preseason.

Due to NFL 2016 regular season, the New England Patriots has performed as an outstanding team at all. As a result, the Patriots won maximum 14 times and lost only 3 times over the total season.

Very recent, the New England Patriots has to perform in the Wild Card but lost it, unfortunately. At the same time, the Patriots have achieved Divisional Championship game by 34-16 points.

Even the team has also gained AFC Championship trophy with respectively.  In the AFC East division, the New England Patriots have won maximum 14 games and lost only 2 games in total.

The winning result of this team is as 87% in the Divisional games over the NFL 2016 season. This a pleasure to all there are four players of the Patriots team were elected into 2017 Pro Bowl games.

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