The best performance of Seattle Seahawks in NFL 2016 season

With lovely, the 2016 NFL season has already ended by various football games.  Here, there are 32 NFL teams perform over the past season. The better performance reached them into the pick position.

In the NFL 2016 season, the Seattle Seahawks was remarkable among 32 NFL teams through the regular seasons. According to the best previous records in NFL 2016, Seattle Seahawks is an outstanding team at all.

Before here, the Seattle Seahawks ran in a nucleus success in their NFL 2016 career. As a result, they have to reach into pick position of the point table through spontaneous glory.

At a glance, the Seattle Seahawks has won most probably 10 games over the 2016 season in the NFC West Division. Besides this, the team has lost 5 games in the same condition.

As nice as the Seahawks has disclosed preseason schedule on 7th April 2016. But the exact time was set up on 14th April 2016. In the preseason, the Seattle Seahawks overcome maximum 3 times in week 1-4. The team lost a little bit game against Minnesota Vikings at the same time.

In a regular season, the Seattle Seahawks draw a lovely attention to the viewers. In this stage, the Seahawks team won maximum 11 games, lost 5 times and tied 1 game through 17 weeks.

Overall, the Seattle Seahawks has gained 10 Divisional titles, 3 NFC titles and 1 NFL championship trophy as well. In the regular season, the team picked up totally 323 against 316 games at all.

In conclusion, the Seattle has won 339 games in opposite to 331 games. The success rate of this team near about 51% in the NFL 2016 season.

In addition, the NFL 2017 will be started in July 2017 most probably. So all the viewers are welcome to watch the live stream of the Seattle Seahawks NFL team.

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